Ive Fallen For Your Love Poem by yoam rafael sanfielreyes

Ive Fallen For Your Love

ive fallen for your laugh
which is utterly contagious
ive fallen for your smile
which makes me giddy for no reason at all.
ive fallen for our late night talks, when 1 am arrives far too quickly.
ive fallen for our jokes
which ill remember days later and burst into laughter.
ive fallen for how you can make my day better, even if i wanted to cry a minute before.
ive fallen for every second i get to spend with you, even if those seconds will always leave me waiting more.
i want us to last
i dont want to have an amazing couple of months and then it be all over in a flash.
i dont want to experience the feelings of hurt, confusion, and disappoint again.
no matter what we run into and
no matter how hard things get
i want us to stick together.
you my brightest star in the sky
you are my light and each moment i dream of you tight.
you bring me laughs and
you bring me joy
i will always cherish your love like its my favorite toy.
you give me peace in time of need and when im with you love my heart begins to sing.
your personality and looks are something i adore, and each passing day i love you more and more.
heaven is just a step away when your in my life, and babygirl i wouldn't want waymore then to be your husband.
for all the blessings and miracle.
i would have to thank the man above me.
i really truly thank him for my one true love Katherine.

this goes out to my crush katherine.
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yoam rafael sanfielreyes

yoam rafael sanfielreyes

east point, georgia
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