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Love Is Remembered

love is remembered
even in extreme climates
but with families who cares about you
even all of us care about you.

Ive Fallen For Your Love

ive fallen for your laugh
which is utterly contagious
ive fallen for your smile
which makes me giddy for no reason at all.

Love Left

finally love is still alive till the end of the day
and love left
and now we had still love even though hearts left.

My Lost Love

my love is lost
and i tried to look for her
but she is gone
she's disappeared like a ghost sending back to his grave

Love Is Haunted

when i go to the haunted house
my love is there
but instead
the door was locked

Love Is Frost

love is frosted
like a snow of hearts falling down
i was the only lonely boy with no love
till i met an lonely girl

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