Denis Martindale

Jesus - Poem by Denis Martindale

When angels formed their choir above,
The shepherds listened well,
For born on Earth, the King of Love,
Was welcomed here to dwell...
The angels sang in harmony,
Good News thus to reveal,
That Christ was sent for you and me,
Our sinful souls to heal...

As Jesus grew from boy to man,
His Father saw it all,
In time to let Him see the Plan,
In service to God's call...
For what was Jesus living for,
Except to save Mankind?
To offer us, the rich, the poor,
His perfect peace of mind...

What man is safe from sin and hate?
They dwell in every heart...
And what is there to celebrate?
For these tear us apart...
While they bring wars and crimes untold,
While they bring years of shame,
The greatest story ever told
Begins with Jesus' Name...

When crowds around the Lord came near,
His parables brought hope,
The wisdom meant was crystal clear
And wisdom helps us cope...
Beyond the words He shared each time,
His prayers brought healings, too,
Such that some thought He was sublime
And that His words were true...

But others chose the ancient laws,
Condemned God's Son to death
And once they set upon that course,
They sought His final breath...
And less than this they would not take,
As Pontius Pilate stared
And so Christ died for righteous sake,
That through Him, we were spared...

Jesus! Oh, Lord, what wondrous love!
God's will was thus obeyed,
Your perfect love proved grace enough,
For sinners who had strayed...
Now hymns and praises rise each day,
Ascending to God's Throne,
Rejoicing, Jesus is The Way!
Christ only can atone!

What can we give that might reward
The Lord for what was done,
For all the Blood that was outpoured
Beneath the moon and sun?
The Sinner's Prayer explains our need,
The pardon that we crave,
Still written into every creed...
Through Jesus, God forgave...

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2013.

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