John Clare Was A Student Of Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

John Clare Was A Student Of Nature

John Clare was a student of Nature yet he did not have a degree
On natural sciences or animal behaviour, botany or ornithology
A poor man from Helpston in England born into extreme poverty
Yet of all of the great poets of Nature can you name me one greater than he?

In his Village he was seen as different and looked upon as a strange boy
But he was a true student of Nature and studying Nature's ways he did enjoy
As a boy he worked in the fields for a living and of Nature's ways he got to know
Now looked on as the poet for all Seasons though he lived two centuries ago.

John Clare suffered from a mental illness locked away from his children and wife
In the mental asylum at Northampton he spent the most part of his life
But that did not stop him of becoming a great poet his verses stand the test of time
during his lifetime not greatly honoured he was an uncrowned Prince of rhyme.

His life story it was so tragic yet he overcame adversity
To become easily the most famous person from his Village he penned so much marvellous poetry
His legacy to Nature and Literature is immense and few with him one can compare
And Helpston will not have one more like him since people like him are so rare.

John Clare was a student of Nature and his verses will always be read
He was an uncrowned Prince of poetry of him it can truly be said
Since he died in the eighteen sixties fourteen decades in time have gone
But his poems give pleasure to many and his legacy will live on.

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