John Lennon, Defiance Poem by Tony Kavuoti

John Lennon, Defiance

In the auditorium before the event
Before the school event

Or should I say

In the large room behind the auditorium before one enters the seats of the crowd

people that I did not recognize were reciting all of my failures and many blunders

Sincerely putting me down and judging me

A prelude of things to come before I received the reward for all of my mess ups

There was no way I was going on stage in front of everyone that I knew and receive such a insult and have all my vulnerabilities exposed

Then I looked at who was present, the only one that I recognized
and that recognized me was John Lennon

He was up front with all the other recipients that were about to be called on stage and have their weakness is exposed once more

He gave me a look that encapsulated all of his sublime creative daring, strength, defiance and humanity

He was in a 1965,66-68 perfected version of himself

I walked down and sat next to him.

Basking in his confidence and bearings,

Then a gathered my own

Thinking about how I would shocked the audience with some quotes from my published book.

He turned the situation around.

To be honored as backwards in such of a backwards place

Then he left before the event started

I thought about staying but decided to leave.

I looked at every one in the audience with pride.

In fact they were the ones to be shamed for they did not get me they did not get many.

Sentimental sadist is what they are

In a narrow-minded and ignorant attempt to abuse and humiliate many, and being blind to vulnerable young peoples gifts, perceptions, and not having the patience to hear them and see them.

I couldn't hold a grudge,   I had too much to do

Monday, February 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: defiance
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