It Is Not Just Outrage About Wall Street Poem by Tony Kavuoti

It Is Not Just Outrage About Wall Street

It is not just outrage about wall street, but the majority of people are fed up with the attitude of a system of manipulation, of indifference that uses them as objects to be manipulated and prided to maintain a statusquo that intimidates and coerces people to serve its one-sided ends. People went along with it to maintain their life, their relationships, their families, in short, to adopt, they new that it was unjust as well as out of touch, but it was sold as the best maladaptive system. But now the huberous those entrusted to control the system is too much too bear and the citizens humanity is not being fulfill, and their human dignity is viewed as a histrionic element. So now we see our oppressors in the clear light of reality, as the spoiled narcissist of the wealthy who put their own life stile above the country and people that made their position possible. People want their humanity and dignity back as well as their life and are now willing to expose the hypocrisy of the con-artist and are willing to fight at all cost for a more fulfilling, secure and humane life.

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