John Preaches And Baptizes Poem by Ava

John Preaches And Baptizes

We read of John,
that holy man,
that God’s Son came to him
and began to talk with him,
that he should go and baptize
and receive penitents.
He said: “As you are baptizing with water,
you are not to forget this:
upon whomever you see the dove
—you must believe me—
that is the Highest One of all,
the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.”
We read about John,
that holy man,
that he went into the wilderness
and brought comfort to the many.
He said: “Whoever with repentance
seeks God’s faithfulness,
to that person there come near
the riches of heaven.”
The inhabitants of Jerusalem
heard the good news.
They sent there two men,
sacerdotem and levitam,
that they might find out
whether he were Christ
or Lord Elijah
or Jeremiah
or one of the prophets.
“What should we think of him?”
Johannes baptista
right away answered them:
“I am telling you the truth:
I am not Christ.
I am not Elijah
and not Jeremiah.
Now perceive and understand this:
I am a voice crying out
in the wilderness of repentance,
and I am proclaiming God’s faithfulness.”
Then they asked that good man
why he was baptizing.
Johannes baptista
right away answered them:
“I baptize with water.
I do not want to claim anything for myself.
When they pass through the wave,
I do not forgive sin.
The one who can forgive them
is the one who is called Eternal Life.
Him you do not recognize,
and I am not worthy
to untie the thongs
on his shoe.”

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