John’s Messengers Come To Jesus Poem by Ava

John’s Messengers Come To Jesus

When he had been put in prison,
then God came along
and taught all alike,
poor and rich,
in the towns and in the wilderness,
and brought comfort to very many.
When John learned
that God himself had begun to teach
in the same land,
he sent off two disciples
to find out
whether he were the One who was to come
or whether in those times
they should wait for someone else.
The Savior answered them:
“John sent you here.
Now see all around
the signs and wonders!
The lame are walking,
the dead are rising,
the deaf are hearing,
the poor are being taught,
the blind are seeing,
the many are affirming it.
Now tell John,
that steadfast man,
that they are very blessed
who do not take offense at me.”
Then he turned to the others
and spoke about John:
“Whom did you seek in the wilderness?
He who comforted you so well
with his holy teaching,
is not a reed
that bends with the waves
and sways in the winds.
He is a steadfast man;
he has fought a good fight.
His was a hard life
with very little softness,
and he persevered
in wearing rough clothing.
Those who wear soft clothing
belong in the king’s court.
John did no such thing,
and that is why he is dear to God.
Among the children of women
you cannot find a greater man.”

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