The Annunciation To Zachary Poem by Ava

The Annunciation To Zachary

Now shall we with the powers of our mind
tell what things took place
as that age was beginning
when the old covenant was expiring.
It happened in terra promissionis
which then was Herod’s kingdom.
At that time occurred
a great and miraculous event.
There was in Galilee a good man,
Zachary by name,
near the town of Nazareth.
His wife was called Elizabeth.
Their hidden lives were
pure in God’s eyes.
Toward people they were loving;
their virtue came from God.
Accurately do we tell you
about the lineage of them both:
He had been chosen to be a priest,
born of noble forebears.
He was to serve God at Jerusalem
and go into the temple,
during his week, in the eighth turn.
God granted him his prayer.
The turn was called Abijah,
as Luke tells us.
His wife, who was virtuous,
had been sterile in her youth.
We relate accurately:
she was of Aaron’s lineage.
In her old age she bore
the greatest man of all,
the one who was truly
God’s forerunner.
He was a war-trumpet of heaven
and standard-bearer of the eternal King.
At the very time
when the people assembled,
this very good man went into God’s house
and was enclosed there alone.
He was praying for the people
with great fervor.
Then the old man saw
a glorious angel
standing at his right hand.
He said to the holy man:
“Do not be afraid!
Truly I tell you,
you are to have a son,
at whom many will rejoice.
He will not drink wine
and will keep clear of drunkenness.
This I tell you truly:
his power will be like that of Elijah.
Of this you are to be certain:
John will be his name.”
The man began to fear him
and said: “I am an old man;
my wife is sterile
and has not had relations with a man for a long time.
How can I believe
these great mysteries of God?”
Immediately the angel said:
“Your tongue is to be tied.
Whether you like it or not,
I am telling you the truth.
Until it all comes to pass,
you will be without the power of speech.”
Then Zachary went outside
where the whole people was.
The man was supposed to preach,
but he was unable to speak.
Then all the people
marveled greatly, each and every one.

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