Dear my journalist
I am going to open your eyes
Do you think that people like Osama Bin Laden were criminals or terrorist?
Forget and forget

I want you to listen to this:

Those were animal and nature libertarian

What makes them differ from heroes like Peter Young who were convicted for realizing from fur farms in lowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
These are the people who are primarily interested in animal rights and environmental movement.
The primary purpose of sabotage is to cause harm to those organizations that cause harm to environment and non-human animal
I do not like to call them environmentalist but I can call them libertarians

Tell me if you are an enemy of God Journalist
Why don’t you think read and maybe ask to imprisoned member of any of environmental movement what is going on.

Yesterday we had have heard of Chipko Movement.

These were groups of woman who sacrifice their lives in other to save the lives of the trees
Those women died, hugging the trees because they hold their traditional values that the trees are having values themselves and they deserve opportunity to grow and rich maturity as any other living sentiment.

By these they did not mean that we must stop to cut the trees down, but they were opposing the immoral, indirect role of man over creation.

That is to say cutting down the trees that are required to build new houses, make papers and wood is good, but to cut them because you want to make profit is not justifiable.

Oh my journalist: why don’t you read the history of man and nature relationships between you start to make any comment.

Tell me if you have been reading the laws of social ecology and become fool

Tell me if you have been influenced by bad philosophy while you read a newspaper

Tell me if you don’t care about the mass slaughtering that is going on
Tell me if you don’t care about the loss of biodiversity which result from our profit oriented mode of production
Sorry I do not refer, to capitalism, Capitalism is a part of our life it has existed for centuries, but I am talking about the immoral policies that gives man unlimited direct rule to creation that allows him to exploit everything that is o earth.

I you afraid of telling the truth journalist:

Or are you being narrow minded

Let me tell you something

You are afraid of something that is not scary: but you should be afraid of something that is even more powerful – the nature.

Don’t you know that nature makes the rule?

What would you say when the trees disappear and the carbon dioxide concentration in atmosphere goes very high to accelerate global warming

What would you say when the fossil fuel finally disappear as the environmentalists has ever pointed.

What would you say when the ice disappearance increase the volume of the sea and cause the ocean to rush to your own room and claim billion lives

What would you say when there is no animal diversity due to gradual release of chemicals to the atmosphere?
Dear my journalist reports the truth:

The environmentalists are like God: God has np mistake and the Earth is environment on itself

In the future, historians will talk about the history of climate changes and dramatic loss of life, but they will forget one thing:

They will forget that one day there was a man who wrote a poem to say “The life on earth cannot be measured by material possession and life goes beyond that, but failure to follow the objectives of life as forged by the nature will cause serious tragic events on earth.
That is to say we can cut all trees down but we cannot change the fact that human being breaths in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide.

We can have money and drive big cars but we cannot create fossil fuels that drive them

We can produce carbon dioxide to the atmosphere but we cannot control the consequences of threats by tropical cyclone, rise of sea levels to claim billions of people’s lives.

I don’t mean stop eating animals and pollute rivers, but let use things as according to what we need and not demands.

Animals eats animals yes, but tell me what happened with dinosaurs:

Didn’t they die because they failed to control their own food diet?

In the past human were much satisfied about what they consume and what they have but today we are even motivated by these TV and radios to go and on to consume everything.

How big are we
We are the same human but our ecological foot prints are very big
Today one human survive on acres and acres of forest trees, fossil fuels and large space

Our lives are so much big

But I see the huge war waging in the sky to the ice and back to the sea again.
The name of the war is global warming.
Good by my beautiful house I used to love you

Goodbye ozone layer I used to love you

What a tsunami

Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 2, 2009

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