Journey Of Life Poem by Tripati Narayan Mishra

Journey Of Life

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Journey of life
The day when I lost my excitement
I have closed the chapter of my enjoyment.
Being happy is not measured in terms of success
It's actually the excitement of every little progress.
Life provides thousand opportunity for excitement
Ignored them with comparing others achievement.
The blockage to my excitement is my higher greed
Am unable to see others struggling for their need.
Am never thankful to God for my better existence
Am never peace of mind for my own ignorance.
Running pillars to post to become more prosperous
Never ending steps of success makes me more nervous.
Am busy to built a strong wall of material success
Lost my real happyness counting profit after losses.
Inspite of real love I only made attachment
Never enjoyed my success in fear of detachment.
I always searched my happyness in the journey to outward
But peace happiness can be met in the journey to inward.
Never got peace in the thrill of technology and science
How could I get put off the light of inner conscience.
Tripati Narayan Mishra.

Rajnish Manga 07 November 2018

Introspective yet highly motivating writing. Thanks for sharing.

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