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Journey To The Mountain - Poem by Jacob Courtney

Journey to the Mountain

Walking down this road the ground feels hard
And rigid With sharp rocks piercing my calessed
Feet. Looking around me I see the barren fields
That lead to a vast mountain where the top is
Unseen guarded by the clouds that look so bright.
With the slight breeze I raise my arms taking it
In as the sweat rolls off my skin. Then as I enjoy
This breeze of relieve the dust is carried turning
This gentle breeze in a cloud of dust blinding my
Eyes hiding the mountain from sight. It coats my
Skin sticking to me like a paste covering me top
To bottom. My breathe becomes heavy as my
Lungs fill with this dust coughing and hacking
Yet I continue with each step telling myself
That I will make it to the mountain I will rise
Out of this valley. I raise my arm to block
The dust from my face wiping away what
I can as I step onward towards the mountain.
The wind blows harder blinding me further
As it chokes out the life from me. I begin to
Stumble I begin to fall as I turn from the mountain
I feel a chill run down my spine. Doubt sets in
Telling me there is no hope there is no way
That I can make it to the mountain. Just turn away
Go back the way I came. Doubt says surrender to
Me give in to your fears and the storm of dust
Will stop it will leave you be. No this can
Not be I must succeed I will not stay in this
Barren land turning to the mountain once
Again. The wind turns heavy and fierce never
Ceasing to give in. I push on toward the mountain
Crawling on all fours trying to hold my own against
Such a persistent wind. Just as I felt weak just
As I began to fear in front of me was a shield and
Spear. I grip them tightly pulling them close to
Me as I push on toward the mountain of light never
Looking away never giving in to the dust of doubt
For I see what this journey is all about. Reaching
High above the clouds the sun beams down
Clearing the way as I push on to the mountain
Of light rising beyond the clouds.

- Jacob

Topic(s) of this poem: faith

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 18, 2015

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