Jungle Junks Poem by Mfonobong Ituen

Jungle Junks

The jungli hoodlums
Ready to ravage with no conscience
Jungle justice got justice killed
With no letter to court
No ground for trial
The unprofessional slueths

He was caught brought hit in bit pieces
No time for explanation
No time for self defense
So lost as time was too short
Didn't know how it all happened
He joined in the look
Not long he gazed as they made haste
Could feel it in a jumpy

Across for toiletries death awaits
To have him so sudden
He knew this won't last
So fast momma never knew he's gone

The breathe never lasted
Life rushingly leaving
Everything in the rush
Towards as they all rushed
Before the 'why' question
There he lies

Paying another's man's dept
With a name tagged
One not deserve in their innocency
But what can be done when Justice is killed by mere mortals with no morals

Here the soul asks;

What is justice with no time reasoning?
What is justice with no proof?
What is justice with no defense?
What is justice with no words?
Tell me before I take this reckless rest I dare not sort for

_Ituen, Mfonobong (funky'sinK ✍️)
Time: 8: 35

Monday, June 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: society
Mfonobong Ituen

Mfonobong Ituen

St Luke's hospital, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
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