Royston Allen

Just A Breath Away - Poem by Royston Allen

I spent my lifetime searching for You
walked down paths of joy and sadness too.
All this world offered and all I’d tried
just left me feeling so unsatisfied. 

Then I went to the place called Calvary
and saw You crucified there for me.
Heard You crying out “Father Forgive”
and watched You die so that I might live.

There I found what I’d been looking for
found Jesus whom I love and adore.
Reaching out He touched me with His love
that agape love from God above.

I’d tasted and seen that the Lord was good
He restored my soul like no one else could.
My eight years with Him have been such bliss
for I’d never known a love like His.

He took my sorrows and my guilt away
and taught me how to sing and pray.
Those years with Jesus turned out to be
so very special and wonderful to me.

I’d spent precious moments with my Lord
and hours meditating upon His word.
Each day with Him was such a pleasure
bringing me joy beyond all measure.

Although I fought for every breath
Jesus took away my fear of death.
Spending valuable time with Him each day
had changed my life in every way.

There were times I felt I’d had enough.
Times when the going got really tough.
But then I felt His presence so near
that I was not alone and need not fear.

I knew He was just one breath away
and looked forward to that wondrous day.
When He’d say to me, “Come home Irene.”
“It’s time for you to leave this earthly scene.”

For in this world nothing can compare
with His great love and His tender care.
And now He’s called, “Irene come to me.”
“Come and live with me for eternity.”

Nothing was going to hold me back
my mortal body was just a shack.
I closed my eyes and drew my last breath
then walked with Jesus the Vale of death.

My time had come and my soul has soared
straight into heaven to be with my Lord.
No more will I walk this earthly plain.
Only in heaven will we meet again.

When lying in bed as you visited me
I praised God for friends and family.
I’m sorry for all that I’ve put you through
and some of the things I said to you.

My dear Jeff I did not want to do
all those things that brought heartache to you.
Without you I did not know where I’d be
for you worked so hard in caring for me.

My heart has delighted in each of you
for you understood what I went through.
But it’s over now and I’m at rest
with my Lord in heaven forever blessed.

When your tears have ceased and the pain is less
rejoice that I’ve found such happiness.
And my prayer is that each one of you
will find Jesus as your Saviour too.

Thanks for coming and I hope you’ll see
that a new life has now begun for me.
There’s one last thing I would like to say
“Remember, God’s just a breath away.”

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For most of her life Irene had been searching for God.
This search was to take her down many roads and through some traumatic experiences.
She led a complex life and was part of a large family with 4 sisters and 3 brothers and many nephews, nieces and friends
8 years ago she travelled the spiritual road to a place called Calvary the place where Jesus was crucified. She walked down that road of tears of repentance all the way to the cross. There she met Jesus and He transformed her life in ways that has amazed and intrigued us all. He, as only Jesus could, helped her to come to terms with her past and made such a difference to her.
She had COPD and for several years she has been in and out of hospital many times. On 8th Dec she became seriously ill and rushed into A&E at the Royal Berkshire hospital. The family kept vigil staying with her night and day until she died at around 5.00pm on Christmas Day.

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