Just Alittle Deep Something I Wrote.. Poem by LC Jose Deluna

Just Alittle Deep Something I Wrote..

Rating: 2.8

In Life There Are Many Questions That I Could Be Asking..
Is Life Real.. Do I Feel.. Am I Everlasting?
And The Last Thing When I Am Collapsing To The Floor To Is My Death..
Is My Breath The Very Last Thing?
Do I Transition Over? Is My Mission Over?
Will U Listen Or Will My Vision Get Glisten Over..
What Is Earth.. What Is Space.. Does It End?
Or Does It Bend.. At least Lend Me A Little Faith For Pretend..
Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?
We Dont KNo But We Float On A Rock Like We've Noticed The Motions
N Emotions Is Showing Cause Explosions Still Blowing..
Im Hoping We Can Close This Chapter So A New One Will Open..
But Hope Is Intangible I Cant Stand How We Hug It..
We Cant Handle The Unknown So We Disband Of The Subject..
Its Standing Above Us Cant Reach It Together Span Is Humongous
So Take A Deep Breathe Enter The Deep End As We Expand Through Each other..

C. Keskuela 04 February 2010

every time i read it i pick up something a little different. nicely done!

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