LC Jose Deluna Poems

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My Definition Of Love..

Love Is Great Its A Feeling Like No Other And Often Time Provides Great Pleasure But
It Is Known As A Double Edged Sword For Its Effectiveness In Destroying Oneself...
The Attraction To Love Someone Else Is Quite Pleasing But In Essence People Often Take It For Granted
Love Hurts And Cures And Sometimes It Does Both Simultaneously..

I Cant Find It Inside..

When I Dont Look In Your Eyes I Feel So Lost..
I Feel So Cold.. Cold As Frost
Keepin My Eyes Closed But My Arms Open
Trying To Keep Alive Without Living So Broken

Deep In The Core..

Yeah I Search Deep Down Inside Of Me
Trying To Find The Core Of My Personality
Find The Source Of The Thirst Of Obscured Reality

The Girl I Been Waiting For..

Words From Your Beautiful Smile Are Like Angel Symphonies In My Head..
Touch Softer Then Softness That Melts Me Every time I Feel Your Sense..
100% Beautiful Just Amazing In Every Way Im Wondering Everyday Could
I Be With You? Do You Feel The Same Of How I Feel For You? Do You Notice Me?

Why Do We Do The Things That We Do

We Laugh In The Face
What Fear The Unknown
Instead Take The leap
And You Will Find You Have Grown

Always Be By Our Side Jesus

Living In This Cityful Can Be Kinda Pitiful
Everyone Sinning Thinking That They Acquitted For
I Aint Saying Im Perfect Let Alone INnocent
Matter Fact Im Guilty But I Know Being Acquitted

Future Usmc!

Getting Ready To Go And Finally Meet My Destiny
This World Has Broken Me And Surely Got The Best Of Me
I Know They Will Try Testing Me
The Few..... The Proud..... The Marines

Flowing Threw The Mind..

Never Lack! Never Stun..
Shoot To Kill! Not To Wound..
Feel The Steel Is An Evil Force Penetration
To The Coarse And Dark Of My Heart

Just Alittle Deep Something I Wrote..

In Life There Are Many Questions That I Could Be Asking..
Is Life Real.. Do I Feel.. Am I Everlasting?
And The Last Thing When I Am Collapsing To The Floor To Is My Death..
Is My Breath The Very Last Thing?

Left Behind..

I Cant See Or Think-
Breath Or Blink-
Somebody Lift My Head From Underneath The Sink-
Release The Kink-

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