Lord Is With Me Poem by LC Jose Deluna

Lord Is With Me

I Woke Up Inside My Dream And I Felt A Spirit In My Room
A Spirit SO Strong You Cannot Compare It..
Saw A Brightness And Saw God Right There Surrounded With The Lightness
I Told Him.. I Wanna Make It Far But I Don't Got The Length
He Told Me You Can Get Anywhere It Only Takes Strength
I Said That's Bull! I'm Never Gonna Make It..
He Said There's Some Risks Your Gonna Come Across
And Your Just Gonna Have To Take It
I Asked Him Am I Going To Heaven Or Hell..
He Said That's Something You Should Ask Yourself..
He Told Me To Go Back To Church And Apologize To The Pastor
I Asked Is Risks All I Need And He Said...
Joseph Just Be You And You Will Succeed
You Just Need To Plant That Seed And You Will Grow
And Then Suddenly He Started To Glow Dimmer
He Said Well Its Time For Me To Go
I Said NO! ! Don't Leave Me Please...
He Said I Am Not Gonna Leave You I'm Going To Be With You
I Said Forever And He Said Forever And Ever..
And He Will Be Right There With Me Threw My Adventures...

Samantha Samis 08 July 2010

I love how you wrote about God, it's something many people struggle with, not knowing which way to go in life, who to turn to... Very nice.

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