Just For Once Poem by villiamor calventas

Just For Once

i had been living in
perfect desolation
in complete misery
i cannot make my mind
and my heart
be at peace with each other
so long ago now
and because of that
i had suffered nights
not of dreams but of nightmares
where the angels are opposed by the demons
and the witch let Harry Potter
reconsider not to fight
the man who has no name
so devastating so glimmerish
werey moments of doom
that even hell is just speck
compared to the vastness
of my despair
i died deaths that
were not sanction by the Pope
and all prophets said i am
destined for something worst than hell
so frightening these emotions are
i am afraid to inhale this obnoxious air
dominating the wind and storm of change
i hate to open my eyes less i see
the eye of the cyclone staring at me
driving me to insanity forcing me to accept
these awful destiny
so gruesome are these thoughts that
i am thinking of inviting the pains
to shut me rom these world and
lock me in a maze of craziness that
i could forget who am i..
but then oh my dearest guardian angel
of all the angels in heaven if there is
just let me live for one day
that i could turn all these chaos of eternity
to a single moment of happiness..
let me offer a moment of my lfe to be spent for
an hour of peace in exchange for a year of wars
let me be an instrument of love
even for just a single minute
that i could experience how it feel
to be loved and be loved
just a moment when i can forgive rather be forgiven
yes let me waste this life
for a moment in a day
of peace, happiness and love
..then let me rest in all
eternity i laid my life to rest..

villiamor calventas

villiamor calventas

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