Just For You Poem by Claude Davis III

Just For You

Just for you
I would cry a river.
It would be the size of the Nile.
And it would only take me a short while.

Just for you
I would clime the tallest mountain.
A day, is all it would take.
I'd do it so our love wouldn't break.

Just for you
I would win a war.
I would do it with only one hand.
Cause of love, I am at your command.

Just for you
I would do anything
That you wanted me to.
Cause I can't bare to see you blue.

Love will drive anyone to do anything.
People will go to hell and back cause of love.
Believe me, this is true.
I would do it just for you.

Jolanta Gradowicz 21 July 2006

Well, there is real power of love in the poem. I like this poem. But, if I may interfere, the last stanza is different with comparison to the former ones. It is like an explanation for the former stanzas, and it is not necesarry, I think. Anyway, it is a very good poem with strong emotions.

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Stephanie Mackedanz 21 July 2006

DuDe~ This is a SAWEET poem! ! ! WoW you are really great at witing! ! Good Job! ! ! Hope to read more! ! ! Steph

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