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How did I get a girl like you?
A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
A girl that I can hold tight.
A girl that is ''just right''.


I want a girl who can make my life shine
A girl that I'll be proud to call mine
A girl that I can empty my heart out too
A girl that can make my life seem like new

Just for you
I would cry a river.
It would be the size of the Nile.
And it would only take me a short while.

When you're feeling down and blue
Just remember I love you.
When people have been mean and untrue
Just remember I love you.

I miss your soft gentle lips
Pressed up against mine.
And the way we rub our fingertips.
Our love...I can't even define.


My babe thinks I'm crazy
Crazy for feeling this way
Thinking she's the best thing in the world
Wanting to spend the rest of my life with her

I feel your head
Rest on my shoulder.
While we lay in bed,
As the night gets colder.

I will walk with you on the beach.
For the entire walk I will hold your hand.
You will know my heart is within reach.
For hours we will lay down on the sand.

I may not be the perfect man
But I'll be by your side whenever I can
I'll always be there for you
Whenever your feeling down and blue

I love my jelly beans
I even love machines
That make my jelly beans


I hope he's not like me
I hope he'll always be there
I hope he can truly see
The love you share


Don't be sad
Don't be mad
Just think of the day
That I can finally stay

Will you marry me?
I wouldn't want it any other way
Loving you is all I can do
Living without you just isn't ''living''

I can't wait for the best years of my life
The years we can be together husband and wife

I can't wait to get our own place

Silver ring
Gold ring
Diamond ring
Doesn't matter as long as you have a ring

You have an angel's gaze
That burns the deepest of emotions into my heart.
I hope this feeling in my heart stays
And will never depart.

I guess I was just too reckless.
You broke up with me and threw away my gift.
My beautiful diamond necklace.
Now I can dropp my night shift.

Hips to Hips
Lips to Lips
Is how I want us right now
Just holding and kissing you

The beautiful piano player
Plays a melody so soft and sweet
With just simple taps of the keys.
A melody that could bring me to my knees.

I'm not perfect
And I don't think I ever will be
But I'll be there for you
I can give everything I have to give

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I just submitted a poem, but besides that poem I haven't wrote one in years, haven't really had a reason too. If you read my new poem 'How Did I Lose 'A Girl Like You'', you'll see why I haven't...)

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A Girl Like You

How did I get a girl like you?
A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
A girl that I can hold tight.
A girl that is ''just right''.

A girl that can make my sun rise,
And my sun set.
A girl that is nice and wise.
A girl that I will never forget.

A girl that I can hold for hours.
A girl that I can love forever.
A girl that doesn't need any flowers.
A girl that is very smart and clever.

A girl that goes by the name 'insert'.
A girl that I love so much.
A girl that I will always keep in my soul.
A girl that can make my day with just a single touch.

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Claude Davis III Popularity

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