Just Sands Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Just Sands

opening the shell of darkness by ego, ignorance, and delusion:
remedy for modern-postmodern homo sapien is flight of loving care-metta and compassionate acts upon others and oneself.
homer's kitchen for better quality of life-art and authenthicitybof organic plantation of functional-introspective process of purity of mind-body faculty in neo-silence of timelessness.

tectonic grammar of language in neurodiverse contexts
delusive meanings in discourse of spectacles
through seeing, autofictional monologues hapoening to hide plain reality
self-illusive talks to oneself as exists of dark mood
vertico of language and meanings
light is simply born with metta-loving care, conpassionate understanding for others, sympathy and empathy of universal love for humanity out of the darkest moment of egoustic obsession.
anthropocenic breaths for vertico of language and meaning of life.

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