**kamala Surayya** Poem by Satheesan Rangorath

**kamala Surayya**

Rating: 2.8

Kamala Surayya

Celebrating all through her life,
she vanished behind curtain of time,
leaving a legacy of her beauty.
She was born in an angel’s dream,
glittering her womanhood with pride.

Between love and beauty she cloaked,
Clanging her sweet words of compassion,
wrote her verses with deep passion.
Her stories streamed from her soul,
signaling her thirst for unquenchable love.

Simple innocent words from her mouth,
captivated attention of world of letters.
She kept a casket of pearl close to her heart,
often wearing it all over her body.
spilling graceful droplets of thought all around.

Becoming a bride of her lover lord Krishna,
she kept a diary full of his colourful images,
sketched world with a peacock feather.
Transcended even her idol beyond concepts,
turning herself into Adwaita* on her on way.

Escaping herself into freedom by innocence,
spoke words of truth from her heart.
Resting under pomegranate tree of her home,
she wove silky sketches of love and nature,
blooming as a flower on her favorite tree.

• Hindu philosophy is based on principles of Adwaita
• Which says one with god, there is only one truth
• That you are.

I don’t know I have done justice to the great poetess by my poem,
If not I apologize for my lack of imagination.


Kee Thampi 02 June 2009

nice to read a fine write on the great poetess Getting back to senses Parting ways with near Dating with the unknown Betting the life for nothing You fall a prey for the flames of love!

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Ch J Satyananda Kumar 02 June 2009

No doubt you have done great justice to the cause, by paying tributes to her with your beautiful poem, Sateesh. Your poem told us many things unknown about her. Kudos. A perfect ten.

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Satheesan Rangorath

Satheesan Rangorath

Elappulli, Palakkad, Kerala, India
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