'Chandrayaan' (Trip To Moon) Poem by Satheesan Rangorath

'Chandrayaan' (Trip To Moon)

Rating: 3.0

Countdown starts.
Pregnant moments,
of hope n’ anxiety.
Every second ticks,
Filled with hopes,
prayers of millions.
At last a shower,
ends summer.
Heat waves cool.
sky glaze afresh,
Tide of emotions,
Sweep through.

As day wakes up,
life kicks in vigor.
from womb of time.
A rocket fired to destiny,
boosted by grace,
tracked to confidence.
Scientists cross fingers,
breathe heavily.
Their hearts pumped,
thrusting pressure.
Kindles fire in hearth,
as scarifies for humanity.

Day stretches,
into orbit of time.
moves to elliptical emotion,
at last into vastness,
Into moonlit path,
into fold of* chanda mama. (Uncle Moon)
we are one proud lot,
offering our souls,
by chanting Vedas’.
invoking celestial beings,
a time-tested device,
to wake up divinity,
in each one of us.

Kudos to Aryabatta,
Leelavati, n’ all great,
saints who lived here.
Diamonds forever, shone;
in the womb of this land.
In a remote village,
a lone hearth.
Sparks of fire rise,
Chant of mantras,
rise at dawn.
Fresh fire is lit,
by rubbing flints.
Oh! lord not mine.
not mine, not mine.

Richard Post 30 October 2008

so i think you are combineing the rocketship with a funeral pyre? interesting thanks

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Rajaram Ramachandran 02 November 2008

If Kesav Easwaran had not drawn my attention to this poem, I would have missed this special tribute to 'Chandryan.'

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 02 November 2008

A gr8 poem, sir. Wonderfully expressed. Thank you.

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Rakhi Jayashankar 02 November 2008

Pregnant moments, of hope n’ anxiety. life kicks in vigor. from womb of time. wow brilliant i wish if were able to conceive such thoughts 10=====

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Kesav Easwaran 01 November 2008

Beautiful poem filled with words, images rich...the ending excellently explaining the Indian Mission...'Idham Na Mama'...not for me...not for us alone...for the world as a whole...this has been the wishful thinking of a culture...a civilization centuries old....and continues to remain so...10+

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Satheesan Rangorath 31 October 2008

Dear Richardo Post Many thanks for your kind comments on my poem Chandrayaan. It is not a comparison to funaral fire. Any activity in India is closely linked to our ancient Philosophy.What ever is done in day to day life is a part religion. At least that was our culture. So chadrayaan is also done in the spirit of our basic culturem which is well reflected in our 'vedas'. My poem is trying to bring that insight to readers. Greetings Satheesan rangorath

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Satheesan Rangorath

Satheesan Rangorath

Elappulli, Palakkad, Kerala, India
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