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some words for you to hum along
the sound so sweet and soft to sing

This is for you,

Did pencils ever write

You praise my strength,
my fun for the war, ...
the huge wound in
my head yet to heal....

I can see through your eyes
A heaven now and holy love will flow
no one can see you now
not awaits the dark side of you,

I wish
I will have a friend
With me to my dreams
With me to pray

Peace is not a betrayal of this beloved
Peace is a not a mere humming song.
Peace is my lovely girl

You’re really fearless and want to hunt
You’re really want to make us to teach
You’re really lover of wild
You’re really uncaring it but to learn from it

once I loved you
it may yesterday or today
never write

So many knights
so many fights
so many heads
so many deaths......

Κ ά θ ε τ α ι μ ό ν ο ς τ ο υ α π ό τ η ν ί δ ι α π α λ ι ά π ό ρ τ α θ ε ί α
Α π λ ά λ α χ τ ά ρ α γ ι α τ ι ς η μ έ ρ ε ς π ο υ ε ί ν α ι ε υ λ ο γ ί α γ ι α μ α ς
Κ α ι μ ι α α γ ά π η π ο υ Ή ξ ε ρ ε δ ε ν φ α ί ν ε τ α ι τ ό σ ο μ α κ ρ ι ά
Ό π ω ς έ ν α ς Ά μ μ α μ ε τ η θ ε ί α ε υ λ ο γ ί α π ο υ θ α έ ρ θ ε ι σ τ η ν ξ η ρ ά

A single lone bird
you cry for ever
carrying a green meadow
in this dreamy world

Then the shadow of moon and then I was scared to go
Where ever spirit of moon winged in our eyes
Beneath the shadow of songs you sing to me and the skies
tell the secrets of nature

we loved the way God utter his sweet words to me
and he touched my life and again I loved him
She is with me not to mourn without a sadness

Many for me, to write
I have thoughts to share
Just I think to write
what I write

Every waves in my emotion
Have covered every waves in our ocean
see their search of misery and pain
and worst get and better to win

We proud of our nation and our culture
we proud we have great history
we have gifted with great knowledge
we had great leaders

I could never imagine
And ever fall in love
And know our love
And I could ever like parting of my nation and race…..

Then You write.......
Let’s feel free to sing song of love

one silent night
I went there
you gave me a wing
wings to fly

She sits all alone by the same old divine door
Just longing for the days that are blessing for us
And a love that She knew seems not so far away
Like an Amma with divine blessing that'll come ashore

Thampi KEE Biography

real poems are really flowing from heart. its horizon is wide. beyond all limits. it is closer to our dreams. more than w'ords and fully blessing of 'O'ur loving g'od A Indian born poet. work for world peace movements. Love to have a silent movement and a green world I Like to travel. L'ike to get good friends for combined literary works and to more writes.

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some words for you to hum along
the sound so sweet and soft to sing

the soul of dear, may wandering through
the sandal world of silent woods,
not listening to summer breeze
staring at blue old sky of us

never ask this wind to sing
I wonder what they're thinking of
just thinking of, passing of our life
still looking for thy long lost love

I will ask the moon above to say
to bring you love, a night and a day
and a touch so sweet and a true warm
fun, I wish so warm again...

Thampi KEE Comments

Nibedita Deb 24 May 2006

He is a marvellous poet from India, and fills me with pride for my country. Yes, he has very few poems published, but he is not the poet of artificiality, or exclusive linguistic crafts that fail to appeal to heart. I recommend all his poems to all my friends. Lastly, I see a second Ruskin Bond in him. Thank you, N.D.

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Jerry Hughes 06 June 2007

Kee is a young writer with a love of words and blends them into excellent poetry. Encourage him to keep writing as I have, and be well rewarded...

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Abhay Vignesh L 07 March 2011

Read some of your poems.You have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing.

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Martha J. Eshelman-Smith 31 January 2006

'In the morning of our belief / in the faces of stars / that kiss the words /we rely upon' is absolutely wonderful! The first line strikes me as if it could be cut without diminishing the poem. The first stanza sets up nicely for the 'stars that kiss the words...' You might want to look into some of Edmond Jabes works on the text / page for a view of how someone else covers this image. Mispellings in the next stanza throw me a bit - poss, shory - and the image 'snow of ruby raindrops' leaves me a bit confused. But I would be satisfied with a poem consisting only of the 'In the morning...' - I love it.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 22 March 2015

Thampi Kee writes wonderful poetry. He has a knack of selecting the sweetest of words and mixing them into nectarine medley. A votary of silent spring and green world, his poetry contains both in immense measure. I wish him all the best.

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Neela Nath Das 31 October 2014

Kee Thampi is a source of inspiration for the poets like me.We are missing you here.Please, write more to make brighter the sky of poemhunter.

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Nassy Fesharaki 09 April 2014

Great, you search

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Geetha Jayakumar 30 December 2013

Poet Thampi Kee, One of the young, talented and vibrant poet. His poems comes on various topics and variety of languages other than English, Japaanese, French, Hindi, Tamil, Greek and many yet to explore. Truly you are a blessed poet. We are looking forward to see your many more poem flowing on variety of topics and in different languages too. Thank you for many beautiful and valuable comments for my poems. Wishing you all the best. God Bless you!

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Walterrean Salley 05 July 2011

When you dream a hope No one can see it ….. We need freedom And need not misery to kill us I hope you will come with me to fight We want to spent years to struggle And win hopes for them…. I'm with you Kee. May those dreams and hopes be fulfilled. Deeply felt. Beautifully done. I've voted a 10

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