Keep Calm And Carry On In Christ! Poem by Denis Martindale

Keep Calm And Carry On In Christ!

Keep calm and carry on in Christ,
The battle is the Lord's
Who loves the faithful ones baptised
Rejecting sinful cords...
The cords that bind and crush the heart,
The cords that tighten still
And yet God grants a brand new start
To those who seek His will...

A robe of righteousness awaits,
With pearls that match good deeds,
For by His Word the Lord creates
Beyond Man's greatest needs...
These hard times now are but an hour,
Within each day of life,
Yet faithful tears renew God's power
Beyond such painful strife...

Keep calm and carry on in Christ,
Trust wondrous plans ahead,
Beyond all gifts once sacrificed,
Beyond all sense of dread...
For hope comes to the burdened soul,
Though guilt would drag it down,
For God condemns each sin's control
And offers still a crown...

Don't dwell on sorrow or regret,
Don't beat yourselves with fears,
Don't fall away each time you fret,
God's Kingdom lasts for years!
God's greatness goes beyond our sins,
For grace abounds through love,
So trust in Christ, God's precious Prince
Who comforts from above...

Keep calm and carry on in Christ!
Like angels full of hope!
Rejoice! Hosanna in the highest!
Spread love across the globe!
God never sleeps! He never tires!
No matter what's occurred!
God knows the hope each heart requires,
So trust Him at His Word!

Denis Martindale, copyright October 2014.

Keep Calm And Carry On In Christ!
Thursday, October 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: christ,faith,god,hope,baptism
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