Kids Stuff Poem by Ian G Fraser

Kids Stuff

When you've got a brother
you've got a friend.
I haven't got a brother.
I've got a sister.

On Saturday I go shopping with my Mom.
Dad isn't allowed to come.
On Sunday I go out with Dad
He goes in the bar,
I'm not allowed,
I don't know why he takes me.
My mum isn't even asked.
Can you divorce your parents?

Yesterday I spilt some Cool-Aid.
My Dad told me to clean it up, but
I just told my Mum,
so she would do it.
I don't like manipolating,
but with parents it's so easy.

I wrote in my school diary my sister is dum.
My teacher said it was spelt wrong.
My Mom said dum is spelt with a b
and means you can't speak. Like def.
I think they are all dum.

My cousin is a jerk.
He doesn't know you don't shoot people you hate.
Only the ones you really hate.

Last year my Gran died.
My Dad took me to the sematry with some flowers.
The sematry is where the dead people live.
Why don't the flowers?

I hit Wellington with a stick because he is dum.
My Mom told me not to hit people with a stick,
but didn't tell me what it was OK to hit them with.

Mamãe disse que a Tia Carla
Tinha ido pro hospital e teve filho
E que eram gêneos.
Eu não vejo porquê.
Quando a pessoa tem dois filhos
Um deles tem que ser um genius.

Yesterday our cat killed a mouse.
It left it on the kitchen table.
My Mum got mad and said
it couldn't leave it on the kitchen table,
but didn't say where it could leave it.

My brother was playing in the dirt and got bitten by some ants.
I told him if he didn't clean up our room, he'd get bitten again.
He picked up some dirt and threw it at me
and some ants.
I told my Mom.
She said I shouldnta told him that.
Where is the justice?

I have to go to church on Sunday.
Last Sunday it was Corpus Christi.
Why do we have to go to church when there's a corpse?
It can't be very high jeanic.

A kid at my school stole some money from the teacher's box.
My Dad says he'll be expelled and that mine is a good school.
where they don't have bad kids in.
But bad kids have to go some place, right?
Soon there'll be schools where only bad kids go.

My Uncle Jimmy is a cricketer.
He plays for a country somewhere in England.
Last week he phoned and told me
he was in bat and hit the ball into someone's back yard
and broke a window.
If I did that they'd stop my pocket money!
How come some people get paid
for breaking other people's windows?

I saw my big cousin jerking off in his own bedroom.
I asked him why he did it.
He told me to get lost.
I dunnow why he doesn't want me to know about that stuff,
if it's so good for you.

My sister went into the field and fell into a hole
There are old mine shafts and we're not supposed to go there.
She was stuck up to her thigh and couldn't move.
She was yelling and shouting and then crying.
but I told her, quit yer hollerin,
play this right and we can make the papers.

My Mom had to go out to the shops.
She left me at home all on my own.
After she had gone there was a banging at the kitchen door.
It was really loud and I was really really scared.
'Open the door. It's your Mom. She's left her keys.'
But I just ran away and hid under the bedclothes.
When she came back I asked my Mom,
'Why were you banging at the kitchen door? '
'That wasn't me, honey.'
Why do people have to tell such lies?

I saw Kieran with his pants down in the schoolyard.
He wasn't peeing.
Is there any other reason for having your pants down
in the schoolyard?

I saw Kieran with his pants down in the garden.
He was peeing on the teachers' roses.
He said it was because he hated roses.
Do you believe him?

My Dad comes at the weekends.
We go out out to the park.
I want to go to the ball game.
He says that I'm not old enough.

My dad doesn't come any more at weekends.
He says Mom doesn't love him any more.
What has that got to do with
any ball game?

Billy lied when he said
He didn't hurt Kieran in the toilet.
Kieran lay there bleeding.
I knew that he was gay, but didn't like
to see him bleeding.
I told Miss Morrow.
She said she'd see to it.
Kieran didn't come to school today.
But Billy was still there.
Was there something in the story
I didn't tell them properly?

I saw some kids sniffing some stuff
Isn't the air paluted enough
without them sniffing dirt?
I asked them what it was.
They said 'just stuff'.
You can't have a proper conversation
with any one these days.
I asked them why they didn't eat it,
because I'm a good runner

I had a proper conversation yesterday with Annabel.
She is very smart and takes after her mother.
I can't let anyone see us though.
Or they will think I'm gay.
Why though, if her mother is so smart,
is she a teacher?

Each day these kids
Come across to bully me.
How do they know
even I don't like myself?

I want to stop my wnking.
Jesus tells me it is wrong.
I tried thinking of my sister,
but couldn't keep it up for long.
She is doing a young policeman.
I think that he is vile.
I tried thinking of my mother,
that worked better for a while.
But I'm the one feels guilty
and hasn´t any certainty
Why, in all of this plurality,
it's just me who has morality?

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