Killer Business Poem by Sandra jacks

Killer Business

My name is queen bee,
King of the hill,
Top of the tree,
You can call me mrs enterprise extraordinaire,
But only if you choose,
If you decide not to,
My business is not with you,
I am not a broker,
I don't work in an office,
I am not a captain,
But if I were,
You could call me madam,
That is all,
My quarrel is not with you,
But if it were,
You would probably try to run,
I'm the most difficult bulldog,
And I don't even need a gun.

The line that is drawn,
In simple it's labeled respect,
Do not cross it,
Do not look at it,
Do not even turn your neck,
I don't need fear to control the working class,
All I need is a little money,
And the ability to kick your......

Anyways the jest of this conversation goes,
I may be young,
But not naive,
Don't confuse age for something you don't believe,
My power comes from high above,
Call it destiny,
Call it love,
Call it a shooting star with a stinging glove,
Success is not what one accomplishes,
But the state of mind in which one lives,
And when you live as success incarnate,
Weakness is something you don't give.

Captain Cur 02 August 2012

Great poem Sandra, now let me guess what the missing word was. Many good points made in this poem/statement.

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Keith Foley 29 July 2012

I enjoy reading your poems, I had to read this one twice, gives food for thought. Thank you.

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