On The Corner Of Nowhere St. Poem by Sandra jacks

On The Corner Of Nowhere St.

I'm sitting on the corner.
and somewhere street.

Looking down nowhere street,
it doesn't looks like,
to me,
it looks like parties,
it looks like being drunk,
it looks like consistently,
having a steady amount of fun,
it resembles my idea,
of what somewhere,
would look like,
so why is it called nowhere?
I wonder.

I glanced down somewhere street,
just a few seconds ago,
and to sum it up,
in a few simple words,
it looks pretty successful,
It looks pretty nice,
it looks like big houses,
and children,
and wives,
it looks like,
good safe fun,
and learning as you go,
and making something of your life.

So which one is better?
They both look pretty good,
lots of fun,
a steady income,
and support,
and love,
and truth,
and meaning,
and desire,
and want,
and knowing,
who you are.

I really don't know,
which one is the best,
maybe you can point it out.

Barbara Terry 31 July 2008

Ivor Mask didn't get the entire gist of the poem, all Ivor Mask saw was partying and getting drunk. Men! For me I would rather go down Somewhere Street, because at least I know I would be secure as well as knowing who I am. Somwhere Street also has parties, and alcohol, and fun, but not at the expense of security and identity. You really wrote this in a surreal way with vivd imagery, and real life problems. Thank you for sharing. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Nik Morgan 31 July 2008

Live for the moment, life's to short to reflect missed chances.Nice work Ivor

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Chris Newlash 31 July 2008

Great one! read some of my poem you might like them.

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