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Who is the person,
behind this mask,
its probably a question,
i shouldn't ask,

Drink in some,
ice cold water little girl,
drink in some ice cold water,
some day you'll be big and strong,

I'm sorry you don't trust me,
i wish,
i wish you could,
it hurts me to see you this way,

Because you told me something,
very secret,
about yourself,
i can no longer love you,


where are you?

He smiled at me,
i didn't smile back,
sighing gently,
he asked me 'why'.

I roam in your alley ways,
on your streets,
in your homes,
you may know me,

I'm sitting on the corner.
and somewhere street.

And so it will be,
and so it has become,
that the heart of mine,
is a stone of the past,

To the east,
I grant my happiness,
and all I hold beloved,
and within this,

You can not have me,
You are not part of me,
you are forbidden to whisper in my ear,
your chain will not be set upon me,

There's and icy numbness,
where I'm standing,
no one's around,
to see me go down,

It's time that I should,
face the facts,
define the white from the black,
instead having a blurry line,

My name is queen bee,
King of the hill,
Top of the tree,

I am not a poet,
I am a twister of words,
I can turn things like trees,
Into monstrous kill..ers......

I am adrift on the sea,
Far from you,

My vagueness is a necessity,
It protects others from reality,
If no one sees, they just won't know,
How high or how low I'll go,

I pray,
That I may pray...again,
God help me find my way again....
Amidsts the rubble of my ruin.

I am an empty page,
I am an opened book,
I am lost and I am found,
I can see but I cant look,

'You're pulling me apart! ' she screamed,
unable to control herself,
her entire life,
she had been tortured,

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I know I wont become famous for my poems, and I know no one will probably ever read this biography, however I've decided to do a short figment of my life.I'm christian now, but not always was. When i was younger I was stupid, and hurt by life a lot, so I became suicidal, and drank and...was careless of myself.I wish I knew then what I know now.Anyways here I am, alive and just going through life, I've come to realize that lately I've been in a kind of trance where I feel stuck and this is all life has to offer, So I chose to control my own future now, this world no longer has rights to me and making me hopeless, This is my dream and I chose where to go from here.)

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Behind The Mask

Who is the person,
behind this mask,
its probably a question,
i shouldn't ask,
if i were to get a true answer,
the REAL true answer,
with nothing sugar coated,
no hidden agenda,
the answer would be something,
i..... wouldn't want to hear,
Well enough of these games,
i only want the truth,
i want the only answer,
thats really true,
because if I'm never told,
then I'll never

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Sara Gosa 28 September 2012

Stay strong :) Your poetry is really good

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