Kindred Spirits Poem by Donna McCord

Kindred Spirits

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes when you least expect it someone comes your way
That touches you invisibly with what they have to say
They seem so familiar like you’ve known them your whole life
And they radiate around you and envelope you in light.

And if you spend more time with them a type of bond occurs
You’ll find you end their sentences before they say the words
You look forward to tomorrow when you can talk to them some more
And the meeting’s even nicer than it was the day before

This type of friendship doesn’t happen often in your life
But when it does you cherish every moment of this time
You find yourself sharing with them all your little secrets
You don’t even ask them, you just know they wont repeat it

As comfy as your favorite chair after a trying day
Inviting as apple pie when temptation comes your way
As helpful as when you just need an extra pair of hands
As trusting as knowing you have a soft place to land.

Destiny is when you know you were meant to meet
Just like you and I did and life’s never been as sweet
Pain is inevitable, but it’s much easier to bear
Because I have a friend in you, and I know you truly care.

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