'Knock! Knock! ' Says The Clock Poem by Bryan Sefton

'Knock! Knock! ' Says The Clock

'Knock! Knock! ' Says the clock. 'Well, what have we here?
Who's this little handsome chap? Fingers waving in the air
Legs kicking, face alight. Who's his mother's little dear?

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock, who's been in a fight?
Nose all bloody, still defiant. Says he'll see him right.
Tries to hide the swimming tears. Now he's Mothers little tyke

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock, here's an how d'ya do
Says he's no interest in girls but look at this will you?
Crimsonwith embarrassment! Hey lover boy, what's new?

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock 'Doesn't he impress?
Moving up in management, snappy in his dress?
Doting wife and children, but is he happy? Yes! '

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock, the business runs itself
Everything has been achieved, business wise and wealth
In business parlance you could say 'he's reached the upper shelf'

'Knock! Knock! ' Says the clock 'A knighthood's in the air.
The darling of the hoi polloi, still he earned it fair
Getting bigger in the gut. Silver in his hair

'Knock! Knock! says the clock, 'children both grown tall
They can run the business now. PLC and all
He is now a Baronet. Portrait on the wall'.

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock. 'Everything's a strain
Just can't get the words out right. Something in the brain
He's forever falling down. Oops, there he goes again!

'Knock! Knock! Says the clock. 'They're placing him in care.
Dribble running down his chin. Face, a vacant stare.
Nothing's working underneath.
Is anybody there?


Bryan Sefton

Farnsworth near Bolton, England, UK
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