Knock On The Door Poem by Alistair Graham

Knock On The Door

I heard a hell of a knock on the door
I lifted my head, I heard it once more
A dreadful noise, a please let me in knock
A for heaven's sake, don't leave me here knock

I slowly opened the door towards me
To a dishevelled man clothed bizarrely
With his upper lip raised, his gum exposed
A mouth of words, a purple tongue and nose

The snakes, he shouted, the snakes, bloody snakes
Let me come in son, thank god your awake
Come in, I implored, come in and take rest
Please sit by the fire and tell of your quest

He leaned back in the chair to draw a breath
And to all the world appeared close to death
What's that, I whispered, pointing to his hand
He motioned to speak then got up to stand

It's snakebite, he shouted, see for yourself
But I was further concerned for his health
He hoisted both arms high above his head
I've been roaming around this world, he said

His weathered hands clasped the pewter tankard
The liquor waves crashed the sides and downward
Take it, take it, go on take it, he said
Medicinal juice without which I'd be dead

I sipped it, he smiled, I sipped it once more
I took a great gulp, I smiled then I roared
I like it, like it, I like it my friend,
The feeling inside, I hoped would not end

My arm round his shoulder, his arm round mine
We danced up the room and down in quick-time
My heart, he cried out, for one and all aches
Because current psyche's a shallow lake

He studied my face through tears in tired eyes
Certain the people were happy with lies
I'm off now, he said, damn-all I can do
We broke our embrace, I knew it was true

I heard a bang.The door pulled behind him
On the floor lay his card.Must have fallen
I picked up the card and turned it over
St Patrick called today, three leaf clover

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Colleen Courtney 16 March 2014

So entertaining! Wonderful job with this!

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