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Reading, writing, learning, long drives, car singing, lake swimming, the ocean, my daughter, my three 'c's-crystals, cards, coffee, seahorses, all animals-especially furry forest critters, The Cure, The Smiths, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, spiritualism, mysticism.
Popular Poems
Dream Within A Dream
I opened the door in answer to a knock
And seeing who stood there
Gave me quite a shock
For there stood a fairy
Love Without Sex
You do not need to be
joined physically.
Body to body, sex to sex
to become as one.
The Witch's Grave
In a little town
Down a lonely back road
There sits a small cemetery
From outside the gates
New Beginning
Autumn leaves come tumbling down
Same as my tears
Falling to the ground
Released unfettered
I Caught A Glimpse
I caught a glimpse of you today
Walking down my street
Skateboard under your arm
Long blond hair flopping over your eyes


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Cheryl Butler 10 June 2014
Where am I? It would be so easy to blame others for our plight in this world. To curse others for our plundering lifestyle. But as we grow, mature and day by day, slowly get ourselves well... Reality comes crashing in. It bowls us over and slaps us in the face. And finally, we awaken..........great part funny but good loved it!
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Cheryl Butler 10 June 2014
your poem about twenty little angels was so loving and sweet for such a tragic event! I was so hurt too but I couldnt write it! and your poem A glimpse vivid in scene I could see emotion and feel your love. I turned to writting also as a way to let out stress and emotion in a positive way and it reaaly helped Im enjoying reading your work but I cant comment on poems? I just started ph I cant even get my profile going but I hope you get this message and thank you again for the enjoyable readings and comments!
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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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Walter C. Edwards 05 June 2014
Colleen Thank you for you poem i caught a glimpse very moving. tearful and loving well expressed poem very sad, but sweet thank you.
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Chris Zachariou 05 June 2014
Hi Colleen, I have just finished reading the Witch's Grave. Thank you for a great poem which made me feel empathy for someone who died so many years ago in a town I have never been to. Great work! I am new to PM and I am glad I joined. This is the reason you only have one comment from me. I will read the remainder of your poems one each day to absorb and enjoy your work. Also, many thanks for your comments about my work. They were very much appreciated. Being new to PM I was nervous and your kind words were most welcomed.
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Akhtar Jawad 02 June 2014
Cooeen Courtney is a great poetess. Her description is lovely. Her language is nice. Her style is simple and convincing. She should write more.
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Richard Beevor 22 May 2014
Hi Colleen, The Witch's Grave, Nicely written, almost a mini story, has a lovely spooky atmosphere with just the right amount of sorrow and regret of such a misguided society that once ruled that area, is it drawn from life where you live or entirely made up, either way another excellent write from you and 10 out of 10 again, love your work, I have only 2 more poems from my dim distant past to put on PH and then I have to actually write something new.....GULP! ! ! ! ! ! Mind you I'm a little annoyed with my list obsession yesterday I got 94 hits on my poems but only 4 points on the favourites list whereas I was overtaken by someone who had about 15 hits and yet got 20 favourite points, I just don't understand how it works, arghhhh. Sorry must try to forget that and get on with my writing, see you later Colleen, much love from me.
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Mihaela Pirjol 16 May 2014
Thank you Colleen.I have also enjoyed reading- I Caught A Glimpse- Deeply emotional!
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Mazhari David 14 May 2014
Thanks for him. Your remembrance keeps him alive. Words are birds and traveling memories.* *
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Mazhari David 14 May 2014
What can be said after such vision? so enrapturing. Feels like hugging you.* *
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Richard Beevor 09 May 2014
can I have one of those little white pills please haha, but seriously you write fantastic poems Colleen and thank you for all those marvellous comments you have given me, I wish everyone felt like you, I'd be world renowned lol, I must have 10 out of 10nd all of your work by now but I will check that, keep writing please.
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Ibrar Siddiqi 08 May 2014
I love this poem - reminds of my orange coloured koala bear called Orange. excellent.
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Hamza Obeng 06 May 2014
truly inspiring poem. it makes you reflect on a lot of stuffs. well done and thumbs up! !
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Richard Beevor 06 May 2014
ALL says it all, my feeling too, more great work needed from you Colleen please you are just so good
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Richard Beevor 29 April 2014
Christmas hope, just like my happy ones as a child, lovely poem, thanks for reading mine Colleen, I'm still surprised and delighted when someone likes my stuff, I've been sitting on most of it for years just reviving it now for this site and hoping for good words like yours, love from Richard
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Richard Beevor 29 April 2014
excellent poem, nice flow of words and i'm sure the mirror is wrong too
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Shobana Gomes 28 April 2014
A refreshing read - a delightful poem
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Richard Beevor 28 April 2014
10 out of 10 for this one Colleen, reminds so much of how beautiful life can be
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Richard Beevor 26 April 2014
True! every letter speaks the truth
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