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You do not need to be
joined physically.
Body to body, sex to sex
to become as one.

I opened the door in answer to a knock
And seeing who stood there
Gave me quite a shock
For there stood a fairy

In a little town
Down a lonely back road
There sits a small cemetery
From outside the gates

I caught a glimpse of you today
Walking down my street
Skateboard under your arm
Long blond hair flopping over your eyes

As I traipse through
a pine forest,
I inhale sharply
the resinous scent of sap.

Autumn leaves come tumbling down
Same as my tears
Falling to the ground
Released unfettered

I'm not the girl I used to be
That girl has gone away.
Where did she go? I do not know,
She simply went astray.


As the wind howls outside
It knocks at the windowpanes
It whistles through the doors
But yet silently

He came into your life
It was twenty years today
Little did we know back then
The tremendous role that he would play

Twenty sweet children
Age six and age seven
Have arisen to God
And now live in Heaven.

The cherub of love
Drawing back on his bow
And letting fly his


H = harmful
E = efficacious
R = raffish
O = obstinate


Lions, tigers and elephants
Deer, rabbits, squirrels
ALL animals
Big and small

How did we get here...from there?
How does life start out so wonderfully
but yet go so incredibly badly?
How do you take a child,

Beauty - Ugliness
Sweet - Uncaring
Soft - Hardened
Trustworthy - Unreliable

It's Christmas time
The hand bells ring
My life's quite full
Of such wondrous things

Faces age, Bodies soften, Hearts break
I wish to be loved for my mind and my soul
For this is the very true essence of my beauty
If you will honestly love me for who I am

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Reading, writing, learning, long drives, car singing, lake swimming, the ocean, my daughter, my three 'c's-crystals, cards, coffee, seahorses, all animals-especially furry forest critters, The Cure, The Smiths, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, spiritualism, mysticism.)

The Best Poem Of Colleen Courtney

Love Without Sex

You do not need to be
joined physically.
Body to body, sex to sex
to become as one.
It can happen in the simplest of ways.
This is how I wish it to be
between you and me.

The two of us
sipping tea in front
of a roaring fire,
on a cold winter night.
The full moon glowing through
the windows
the wind howling at the door.
The two of us
feeling safe and secure
just sitting close and talking.
About our lives, our pasts.
The things we've done and
the things we'd still like to do.
Maybe to be done together,
maybe not.
Then when the words run out
perhaps we'll partake of some reading.
You with your Wilde and I
with my Housman.
Perhaps we'll read verses aloud
to each other.
Perhaps not.
So much can be conveyed in silence.

Then as the fire dwindles down
to just embering coals,
it is then that the true test comes.
Is it possible
to climb together into the same bed
to hold one another in closeness
with hearts overflowing
in deep feelings of love.
Where pieces of mind and parts of bodies
cleave to be joined as one.
But yet knowing that making
that one decision
that giving in to that oldest
of times eternal pleasures,
we could be sacrificing
what makes our being together
so special.
Because it is not in what we do
that makes our bond so exceptional.
It's in what we don't do.
It is in the not knowing, the not needing.
Even though I'm dying inside with
the wondering.

Yet our bond is best
left sacred.
To be cherished and held
in the most loving place of all.
Respectfully in our hearts.
Where we'll always find each other.
One soul mirroring another.

Colleen Courtney Comments

Richard Beevor 28 April 2014

10 out of 10 for this one Colleen, reminds so much of how beautiful life can be

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Richard Beevor 26 April 2014

True! every letter speaks the truth

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Richard Beevor 25 April 2014

a sad tale of a bear i also had one too, another great poem

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Richard Beevor 29 April 2014

excellent poem, nice flow of words and i'm sure the mirror is wrong too

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Richard Beevor 25 April 2014

I find this poem very true to life, an exceptional work, touches the soul.

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Cheryl Butler 10 June 2014

Where am I? It would be so easy to blame others for our plight in this world. To curse others for our plundering lifestyle. But as we grow, mature and day by day, slowly get ourselves well... Reality comes crashing in. It bowls us over and slaps us in the face. And finally, we awaken..........great part funny but good loved it!

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Cheryl Butler 10 June 2014

your poem about twenty little angels was so loving and sweet for such a tragic event! I was so hurt too but I couldnt write it! and your poem A glimpse vivid in scene I could see emotion and feel your love. I turned to writting also as a way to let out stress and emotion in a positive way and it reaaly helped Im enjoying reading your work but I cant comment on poems? I just started ph I cant even get my profile going but I hope you get this message and thank you again for the enjoyable readings and comments!

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Walter C. Edwards 05 June 2014

Colleen Thank you for you poem i caught a glimpse very moving. tearful and loving well expressed poem very sad, but sweet thank you.

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Chris Zachariou 05 June 2014

Hi Colleen, I have just finished reading the Witch's Grave. Thank you for a great poem which made me feel empathy for someone who died so many years ago in a town I have never been to. Great work! I am new to PM and I am glad I joined. This is the reason you only have one comment from me. I will read the remainder of your poems one each day to absorb and enjoy your work. Also, many thanks for your comments about my work. They were very much appreciated. Being new to PM I was nervous and your kind words were most welcomed.

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