Christopher Scherer

Knuckler - Poem by Christopher Scherer

Within us all there lurks a being
That's seldom heard and rarely seen.
He slinks in the brain,
Below and behind, a fragile veneer
Of cultured refinement.

Impetus of attack, purveyor of escaped loves
Lost. Lustily raped roughly upon reigning rocks of
Gibberish songs, howled loudly into tufted, thund'ring ears.
The prettiest scream just a tune in the night with
Quarter-time beats pounding chests of the mighty;
Whose greatest rage was pain; whose deepest
Fear was sore suppuration.

Surviving floods famines farts fornications
Abdications alterations alienations infestations desecrations
Micturitions mutilations mastications and mosquitoes,

He prevailed.

Preening himself as the evolutionary apex; dominating all,
Including the smaller sex of his own kind and breed.
Bled dry of sympathy for strangers,
He devoured meat with his berries
And barked at himself through Babylon.

He banished prophets to mountains until he moved mountains;
Chased fleeter beasts until he outrode them; crushed
Competition with spear-throwers until he shot them.

Territories were crossed claimed lost tithed traded and raided.
Boundaries held steel-solid or sank, jingo-steeped in jack-booted
Genius genuflected demurely, effetely to firepower's phallic

In spite of himself, in spite of God himself, in spite of himself
as God -

He survived;

Flourished until his pollution resulted, not from stupidity, but
From a propagated cleverness foreign to a previous Earth,
Unleashed in the twinkling of a few thousand years.

His bark has softened, mindful of strategies.
His bite has deepened into bullet sciences.
Le Banco de Mondeterre resounds
With acclivitous mounds of tragedies.

©2015 (verse & photo)

Topic(s) of this poem: man

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2016

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