Mosi Mustapha Gomina

L'Appel Du Vide(The Call Of The Void) .. - Poem by Mosi Mustapha Gomina

This is the ordeal of a mortal kind;
Who heart to soul and to the mind combined;
Was moulded in despair and utter loss.
A creature so fair but a morbid cross.
As a herald of gloom he perched on Earth;
None that had breath loathed his quaint birth.
Not e'en Nature would with his grace compare;
For the sceptre of beauty, he did bear.
But seven years less eleven was he
When mortal guardians were stung by envy.
Away from his thread went the divine grace.
Thus upon his future; a riddled maze.
Alien to his own existence he was.
It appeared he sailed adrift Nature's course.
But should ample brazen paddocks suffice,
They'd drown the peal birthed amidst his cries.
For he plied the path of life; a frail trough;
Stricken and naked on a hearth so rough.
The gale of decay swept off his rafter
As pearls of defeat were joined in clatter.
And the shrill conceived rose up to the sky.
The laws of Odyssey, it did defy;
For it came back mellow-drained in the void;
From the grey world beyond in swift recoil.
Hence, the thoughts of emptiness fed on him.
Neither god nor mortal could him, redeem.
With flails of depression, he thus was fed;
Till quirks of adulthood ate at his thread.
The beauty of childhood, he still retained;
Clouded in humanity and disdain.
But he sailed hither in the tardy storm;
Robed in sombre bewail and amber worms.
And though it seemed futile to hope and pray
To sail atop chariots and wheels of clay.
He derailed from the path in victory's birth;
O'er Nature's entwined web; wreathed in death.
Thus I sing of the mirth-bereaved young boy
That quivered and sank in Nature's ill ploy..
Till he wandered adrift to worlds beyond;
Lea'ing behind his frail body; swelled and torn.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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