Mosi Mustapha Gomina

Mosi Mustapha Gomina Poems

1. Written Orders Of An Old High Priest 8/23/2012
2. A Beggar's Plea 8/23/2012
3. Portraits Of Eternal Anguish 8/23/2012
4. Herald Of Amagedon 8/23/2012
5. In A Land Within The Heavens 8/23/2012
6. Jane's Ghost 8/25/2012
7. Hannah's Lullaby 8/25/2012
8. Bless The Meek Whispering Heavens 8/26/2012
9. Lilies Of The South 8/26/2012
10. Across The Horizon 8/27/2012
11. The Dirge Of An Owl 8/27/2012
12. Whisper Your Sorrows 8/27/2012
13. Birth Of Daylight 8/22/2012
14. Sons Of The Bull 9/1/2012
15. Let It Rain 9/2/2012
16. The Young Sentinel 9/3/2012
17. The Old Rover 9/6/2012
18. Ode To A Churchyard 9/10/2012
19. His Last Words 9/11/2012
20. Little Shelly 9/22/2012
21. Saboon 9/22/2012
22. A Bewitched Child Laments 9/22/2012
23. I Fall I Die 9/22/2012
24. Will I Meet My Saviour 9/22/2012
25. Age-Scorned 9/22/2012
26. Words Of An Infant 9/22/2012
27. To Janet Of Ole Beijing(Song Of Mosydshepherd) 10/1/2012
28. Marriage In Old Age 9/22/2012
29. Philosophy Of Life(Simplicity Within Complexity) 8/22/2012
30. L'Appel Du Vide(The Call Of The Void) .. 8/29/2012
31. Armed Fire-Rings Of Immortality 8/22/2012
32. Torches Of Heaven 9/3/2012

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Best Poem of Mosi Mustapha Gomina

Armed Fire-Rings Of Immortality

Behold scattered grains of mortality;
seeded deep into the lives of mortals;
pruning dreams till birth of reality;
availed from the slums of ancient Golgotha.

As men strive to trample on aged Time;
though the mortal hands are bound amidst fear;
fate is awakened from the slumbering mines;
reeling forth to weave humans' thread with care.

Desert-terrains of mere humanity;
abandoned but without mortal success;
for all men budget for eternity;
searching hither for eternity's crest.

How the celestial beings over this, laugh;
watching mere ...

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Birth Of Daylight

There, the orange sun has burnt itself out.
The dark veil is hauled over the starred sky.
The blue-berried moon now lingers about.
Every mortal temporarily dies.

The steady chirping of crickets is born;
It's cry wandering about the empty space;
In preparation for a new dawn;
The cloak of existence; another phase.

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