Lack Of Change Poem by Hasan Haskovic

Lack Of Change

Never really sought answers
Never really gave them much consequence
Always tried to find something to blame
About how nothing ever seems to change

Still truth begets pain
Every day the wind blows
Just as much
And just the same

I find it quite unclear
How nothing ever changes
I still run from my fear
Just like I always did
I still hide my rusted parts
Which I grow more fond of
With each passing year

The ghosts that always haunt me
Never seem to stop
Every moment they taunt me
How I'll rot and drop
Evoking empathy
Jet still it still rains the same
Over this tragedy

Nothing seems to change
Nothing ever seems to change
Everything always looks all just the same
Scoundrels still get all the fame

And I still find myself
Looking over my shoulder
Expecting you to meet my gaze
With a frozen cold stare

But you are never there
And you won't ever be

One day when you come
If you come
Together we'll re-define purpose
The difference between
Allignment and transgression
Passion and dedication

But nothing will ever change
My cries will always be of pain
My fears will always be my shame
My attempts will always be in vain
Everything will always stay the same

Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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