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At first there was light
The voice of unknown
Beauty and purpose
Something into which we are grown

Yes, it is silence
The dark horseman
He who plagues the night
He who haunts and he who taunts

The whips of slavers are the supposed directive
To correct all the errors in one man's perspective
We are what we fear
Freedom and peace are not the world's intent


Buildings fences and burning bridges
Raising defenses and diggin ditches
- it's all we've come know
Once young, deemed to be just for show

The place from where I came
Beneath the silence and the blame
Has stood upon the barren plain
Of my wanderings, of my shame

Aren't you tired of these cages?
Aren't you tired of no changes?
Your drained face is the answer
Your empty eyes the reply

It's not deliberate
Merely common misconception
The way the wheels turn
Without purpose, without direction

To me it seems
That it does not come from dreams
My darling
For the love i harbor for you alone

They become another excuse
These self-destructive habits that I've kept
Good deities far prone to misuse
And it is the nights un-slept

Petals crimson
Crowning the red rose
Were bands for the parting kiss
With which you left my praise

Never really sought answers
Never really gave them much consequence
Always tried to find something to blame
About how nothing ever seems to change

Deities I never had
Blood soaked anchors I never held
Ruins of the divergence that drew me mad
Molded in the wrath of my execration

Cold, broken hands
Which I used to craft my dreams
Withered, disfigured ideas
On which my world stands

Somewhere at the bottom
Where I stood, long forgotten
In the shadow of this sepulcher
A monument to all things I could never do


These letters I induct
Onto this blank, empty page
With a head full of disharmony
A heart full of rage

Stays so distant
So far away
All the memories, so inconsistent

Everything, everything
Seemed stoic
Reasonable at the time
Just five years old

Pure emotions
Refined in the apex of my torment
Held me strictly in the light

Oh God,
I think I have seen past fiction
Felt the cruelty of reality
And now, more than ever

Somewhere far, far away
Where the sea crashes contempt on the land
Where the sun scorches the cast-away sand
My newest masterpiece lies without me

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Just a kid trying to get the hold of his own thoughts.)

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My Childhood

At first there was light
The voice of unknown
Beauty and purpose
Something into which we are grown

Back then, just a handfull of years
A time which had no meaning
Not that I could discern
Yet so much melody, harmony, color
All the stars bright and gleaming
No dusk, no obscurity
Just plain emotion
Warmth and reality

With every passing year
The Sun shined less
Sorrow became more frequent
Yet unaccepted by the rest

Two handfulls have passed
Just yesterday, it seems
The reality closer, more bitter
Yet I've grown no stronger
From lifting the shards
Of my broken dreams
In years that followed

Tomorrow grew closer
Yesterday faded away
Blessings holding no meaning
And I no longer awaited the light of day

Today I live the third handfull
A grim monument to the past
Doing my best to remember when I was happy
A wonderful dream that could never last

My childhood

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Hasan Haskovic Popularity

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