Hasan Haskovic Poems

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Past Midnight

Yes, it is silence
The dark horseman
He who plagues the night
He who haunts and he who taunts

Heads Held High

The whips of slavers are the supposed directive
To correct all the errors in one man's perspective
We are what we fear
Freedom and peace are not the world's intent

Time Not Wasted

It's not deliberate
Merely common misconception
The way the wheels turn
Without purpose, without direction

My Childhood

At first there was light
The voice of unknown
Beauty and purpose
Something into which we are grown

Love Forbidden

Petals crimson
Crowning the red rose
Were bands for the parting kiss
With which you left my praise

Worship Of The Dark

To me it seems
That it does not come from dreams
My darling
For the love i harbor for you alone

Lack Of Change

Never really sought answers
Never really gave them much consequence
Always tried to find something to blame
About how nothing ever seems to change

A Thousand Dreams

They become another excuse
These self-destructive habits that I've kept
Good deities far prone to misuse
And it is the nights un-slept

Heritage For My Birth Town

To rewind back to a stronger child
Raised by the words of others and the streets
Stronger and more undaunted
Then a heart that grew no stronger from defeats

My Side Of The Road

The road I had made myself
Was not towards heaven nor for times sad
But invented in times of conceived insanity
The crucifix of disappointment once I went mad

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