Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen

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'Lamentation Of A Deity' - Poem by Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen

The god laments:

Ewuru! Ewuru! You have uncovered my nakedness!
You have thrown sand upon my banquet
And joined strangers to vilify me.
I, who was once your fathers pride
They neither ate nor drank until they feed their precious bride!
I, who once craddled you in my arms, now i prove
But a scorn to you and your new found love
You thrust a knife into my heart and say 'die'!
Die! Die! Can the breathless die?
Not even a decent burial will you arrange
But your fathers, such entreaties to my shrine would they engage!
For then when i hiss they all begin to cry
The god is angry! the god is angry! , even when i sigh
The women run into their rooms in terror
Aru! Men shake thier heads in horror
For my visit is mixed with a terrible anger
Grains, wine and blood they lay before my alter
A sacrifice of bribery, yes of bribery!
Appease! Appease! They offer to my fiery
But you, Ewuru, have cultivated a heart to hate me
Like a chick, you run afer another she
I, who once from ages to ages
Must now repose, like a mere man to his hades
But remember me! You and your household
A fearsome god indeed in the days of old
Ha! Ewuru! I die, but this is madness
I say madness! !


Rest! Shall the heavens grant thee grace
And the earth her solemn peace
For only in lines shall i bear
Thy deeds, but then who cares to hear
Fret not for thine abandoned soul and fame
The world must never remain the same
For all are part of a system neither of us had made
And like thee, i soon, before it, shall finally fade
Season must come with its own drunkeness
perhaps this is all madness
Indeed i say madness! !

©Allen 2005.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 8, 2012

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