Learning To Love All The Mess - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

three plates remain unwashed
last night the cockroaches feast on the remains
of pork oil and morsels of rice
and bread
the dining chairs are not in place
looking like twigs in the park
after a storm

the table is littered with spilled sauce
the table cloth is stained
and the spoons and forks are still
having catchup on their tongues
and tails

the floor is foul with your dog's urine
and socks and shoes are roaming on the
living room

you guess it right
the universe is a big chaos

and so is this house
which is out of order
like a sink with leaking faucets

you want all your life to be in order
you wish a smooth and tidy place
vested with its own system

name-tagged and cabinetized

but it simply is not just
the way things work out

your dreams are silly

chaos and pandemonium are the orders of the
days of our lives
and so here i am with this firm resolve
to the flexibility of adaptability
for my survival

since disorder is the law
so must i obey it

to perfect my life and to put order
to my dreams and
properly accept this world's disposition
so must i
love chaos as well

go with the random flow of pandemonium
enjoy the errors
love the mistakes

and i swear to myself
beginning this ruinous day
that i,
must love all these mess

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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