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Leaving - Poem by Nancy Handabile


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so they say

But they also say to love is pain, its torture, stupidity,

I am in doubt of when I reached this point of been enslaved by you,

I want to walk away but I cannot,

I feel there is nothing to gain by leaving

What am I do to gain if I stay?

Nothing, but do I care even if I have to share

Those brief moments when you remember that I am human, that I am a woman

Those brief moments when you push my hair backwards, when you are considerate and tender

You rarely show your emotions but the times you spare

make me forget the times you push me away, the times you are arrogant and brutal

Your ten minutes of tenderness surpasse your days of madness

I turn my back and vow I wont fall but I DO I always do

And you know it, so you push me and push because you know I am yours

How do you do it?

Why do you make me believe you will change?

OR maybe I am disillusioned and cant see the truth in front of me,

If I could kill you I would but my hands would shake and the knife would fall to the floor

I am a good woman I know l don't deserve this

but roses grow in the middle of the cow dung

I want you but I wish you would need me the way I want you to need me

Open your eyes and see the woman in front of you

Your pride stops you but every time I walk out of the door you want me

but should love only be induced?

You would rather be surrounded by shallowness and not intelligence,

Obsession and not possession if I was older would you give me a chance

Maybe I should pick up the knife after all and cut out my heart which wants you,

Cut out my brain which cannot forget you, my body which cannot stop desiring you.

I am so angry at myself because I am weak, mad at you because you exploit that weakness

I hate you sometimes that's the truth but within that hate lies the desire for you to acknowledge me

For you to admit that your possessiveness comes from something deep

BUT you wont and I must accept that you are what you are which is something I can never be

And it will be hard but I will forget you at the same time you remember me.

Open your eyes and see the woman in front of you

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