Leaving And Leaving You Poem by Sophie Hannah

Leaving And Leaving You

Rating: 4.6

When I leave you postcode and your commuting station,
When I left undone all the things we planned to do
You may feel you have been left by association
But there is leaving and leaving you.

When I leave your town and the club that you belong to,
When I leave without much warning or much regret,
Remember, there's doing wrong and there's doing wrong to
You, which I'll never do and I haven't yet,

And when I have gone, remember that in weighing
Everything up, from love to a cheaper rent,
You were all the reasons I thought of staying,
And none of the reasons why I went

And although I leave your sight and I leave your setting,
And our separation is soon to be a fact,
Though you stand beside what I'm leaving and forgetting,
I'm not leaving you, not if motive makes the act.

Miriama Turagabeci 26 May 2009

I love this poem so much, it is true how we cant tell the difference between leaving and just beeing busy.SOPHIE YOU ROCK! !

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Michael Shepherd 27 February 2007

first line of this fine poem should be 'your postcode'?

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Tallie Kane 30 January 2006

This is amazing what it says in this poem. I especially love the line showing the difference between downright leaving and leaving a person. I love it. x

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