Lesson In Love Poem by Tameeka Smith

Lesson In Love

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No one knows what God has in store for us
So let's be open to the possibility
Of what love has to bring
It can catch one off guard
And happen suddenly
People who are in love want to
See others experience the same thing
Don't allow anyone to tell you
Anything different
If they try to they don't want
To see you happy
Ignore people with negative thinking
They are the ones who come up
With one conclusion
For you life without further
Seeking anything more
Surround yourself with those who's mission
Is to see you smile therefore
Take advice from successful people in love
And those who have lost love too
Both things can help if positively channel
With what you should and should not do
So your love life has a fair shot
Don't be afraid to let go
If love is longer you will know
A person who loves you
Aren't afraid to show their love for you
It should be mutual
That's what makes love official
No one deserves to get hurt
Everyone deserve to have and be in love
Love is wonderful feeling
It's has strong energy
Such a blessing
Love can send a person in any form
Love doesn't come with a manual
Love has no color
No weight amount
No height amount
No age amount
No price
These things place limits
Expanded the bracket
Allow this thinking to become habit
It's okay to have a preference
Still remain open-minded
So that you experience
The right connection
Keep your eyes open and your heart too
In the meantime
I pray that true love finds you

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Love is beautiful.
Rajnish Manga 30 January 2016

Great articulation about the power of love and its lessons. Amazing thoughts and the poem. People who are in love want to See others experience the same thing It's has strong energy Such a blessing

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Tameeka Smith 30 January 2016

Thank you for reading my poem! I will check out yours! Have a beautiful day!

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