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When God brings together,
Two people in a marriage,
He encourages,
Many things along the way.


Diva.....Yea that's me! ! ! ! !
Can't noooooooooo human being
Get me to feel differently
For you see

Problems lay
On my heart
Heavy they weigh
I thank You God for prayer

I knew that you were lonely,
Now you are married.
Don't forget about Me.
I know that you now have a family,

My team are the boys in the silver, white and Blue
Win or lose
I stay faithful
Forever true

Sister Sledge,
Made their pledge,
To family.
It's a part I love,

I am new and improved
Looking at the world in a different view
Now this I can get use to
It took me years

There have been times,
That I have wished,
That I said more.
Spent more time,

My mother was so wonderful,
Often I
Think of

A strong believer,
Always looks at a negative,
As a right.
What was meant for bad,

Some days are harder than others
Birthdays, holidays, a child's birth
I really wish that
You were here on Earth

Yes I smile
But behind it
Lies a pain
That I would like to forget

Wow look at you
I barely recognize you
You have changed so much
You have made it through

No one knows what God has in store for us
So let's be open to the possibility
Of what love has to bring
It can catch one off guard

The best choice that I have ever made
Was allowing God to be
In control of my life
When things are going wrong

You and I are no longer
The indication
Of this grows stronger
Each day that passes by

I have to be totally honest
I keep away from you on purpose
Don't think of it as a bad thing
I may go around other fellows

I am soooooooo looking forward
To laying beside you
For just one night
Breaking some of my rules

He has risen
He did it for you
He did it for me
So that we all

I just can't stop thinking about you
You are always on my mind
You are truly one of a kind
There's nothing that can make me stop

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I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager.I am proud to say that I am on a mission for Christ.I love the Lord.He is my inspiration.Everyday that I live it's for the Lord.I want my poems to touch many.)

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A Marriage Made In Heaven

When God brings together,
Two people in a marriage,
He encourages,
Many things along the way.
To never be afraid,
Of the steps,
That are directed by Him.
Fellowship daily,
Be in a hurry for nothing,
And always open to learning,
One another,
Have much prayer,
Lots of patience,
For this is necessary,
To have a marriage of greatness.
Know the time for fruitfulness,
As well as gentleness,
And always be prepared,
For a lesson in forgiveness.
Keep in mind one another's feelings.
Be willing to give all that,
You can possibly give,
Doing all this,
Will help with faithfulness.
Especially when you realize,
The best part of a great union,
Is having your life long,
Friend for all eternity.
These are some of the keys,
For a marriage made in Heaven.

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Anger only hurts the one who's angry.

Smiling is life's sunshine.

The saddest people are the ones who validate trying to destroy a person by blaming the person who they are trying to destroy.

Good music is like watching a good movie if it doesn't make you feel like you are a part of it it is not good.

Music helps me to tap into an area of my soul where I never knew existed.

When you work hard at despising a person it may actually be something else.

Every moment that I live has to account for something.

You were everything that I wanted temporarily. Yet nothing that I needed permanently.

Losing people who mean nothing in your life is like losing weight once you lose them you feel better.

Love after a while Can become fickle But respect kept Can last eternal.

The only people who get upset about you sharing your story are the ones who have been tellings stories about you.

Being too full of yourself Is just like over eating It can make you sick.

The biggest mistake that we make in relationships or friendships isn't the fact that we tried in the first place it's when we see that it's doomed and continue to try.

Thankful for sad and happy times. They helped me to be who I am today.

Tough times will reveal who's truly on your side.

When a mother and a father are able to co-parent it's a good thing however when they fight to stay a family it's a even greater thing.

When it comes to love we must feel that we are worth being loved so we can feel it and return it to the one that is giving it.

People change but true love doesn't.

I won't explained my life to people who want to see me hurt.

Loyal people loyalty never stops regardless of the situation.

When we love with our whole heart we must love with the understanding that getting hurt is part of it.

If only human beings would allow their minds to cross racial boundaries like the way our blood type does the world would be a better place.

The whole point of going over black history is to educate people not to separate people.

I want to align myself with a man who's like installation of a house one who holds everything in safe and secure. Allowing nothing to escape.

Once a relationship end if the significant other bad mouth the other there was no love between them in the beginning.

Once a relationship starts off in one direction it's hard to change it's route.

How could the thought of love make me feel low? At my age I've been blessed to experience many highs of it.

People are quick to point out the acts of racism but are slow when is comes to coming up with solutions.

Valentine's day is everyday for people who are in love.

The only thing that can be counted on in love is a faithful heart that is true blue.

Sometimes on our walk with God our steps get off beat thankful for God's song it helps us to get back in rhythm.

Being humble is being thankful for a blessing and never forgetting what it was like before one had it.

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