Prayer Poem by Tameeka Smith


Rating: 5.0

Problems lay
On my heart
Heavy they weigh
I thank You God for prayer
It takes the problems away
The moment I pray
Every layer
Even the feelings that comes
That makes me feel
That life is so unfair
Thank You God for prayer
Thank You God for letting me know
That You care
Thank You God for always being there
So many times
I too become blind
To all the hurt that gets inside
What helps me to survive
Is knowing that You are on my side
Then the pain soon subside
It is never hard for me
To get on my knees
Because God I believe
In You truly
Any pride that tries to start
Has to leave
God Your love is all that I need
Thank You for listening to my prayers
Thank You for allowing me to cast my cares
Thank You so much for
The power of prayer
It helps me to have to courage
To stand tall
And knowing in my heart
That You will never
Allow me to fall

Adeline Foster 14 November 2015

Such a heartfelt prayer. Read mine - If There Be No God v- Adeline

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 11 August 2013

And knowing in my heart That You will never Allow me to fall // such wonderful prayer....10 he will never even if you fail for prayers, , read soem moe of mine

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Dave Walker 10 August 2013

A great poem, we all need faith

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