Lesson Repeated Poem by Timothy Long

Lesson Repeated

I hurt myself today, will the pain ever sang away, forgotten lore dared I to implore ever to more, the roles are there but slowly disappearing, the lore and okay until ones gone and the other left dead inside, cut away the sadness of the guilt in anger that led to frustration, to need this, to deserve it, maybe someday or one day, the cut will be too deep to finally be free, disgusted by self images of anger forgiven emptiness, cause just brokenness in bitterness in ultimate loneliness, anxiety eating blood for blood, stress rips the lungs out, all lives of all kinds to have been repeated in history's greetings, if no one is left to speak out, do you? Knowing he's not doing to good in life but passing through it any way he can, kill me now is what he wants but is wanting to say it, feelings dread inside settling through the gates of alor, we all live our lives, do we all need fly wish till we are high enough, if seeing like it never ends.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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