Lessons From Children Poem by John Sensele

Lessons From Children

Children by their innocence teach adults purity
Children by their faith teach adults how to pray
Children by their love teach adults maturity and variety
In love tones, in affection zones and in attitude clones without delay.

Children by their examples teach adults redemption
Children by their pesky fuss teach adults discernment
Children by their friendly laughter teach adults appreciation
Of treasures and of pleasures gleaned from every shared family moment.

Children by play teach adults consequences of leisure erasure
Children by their curiosity teach adults how to fish nuggets from social strings
Children by their perseverance teach adults the pleasure
Hidden in persistence, sunk in gregariousness and woven in blessings.

Children by their pranks teach adults the worth of childhood
Children by their obedience teach adults humility and sobriety
Children by their beliefs teach adults the importance of attitude
In scaling a hurdle, in handling a muddle and in seizing an opportunity.

Children by their love of milk teach adults to be teetotallers
Children by their love of moms teach adults calmness
Children by their multiple interests teach adults to respect footballers
Who cure their boredom and elevate soccer fairness.

John Sensele

John Sensele

Ndola, Zambia
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