Tarun Kishore Kanungo

Let Life Glow Divine Over All - Poem by Tarun Kishore Kanungo


I got here not due an accident and
neither invited nor pushed nor to
putting up any shows nor
drawn by multifarious lure.
Its been my homecoming.
however late may it be,
even it be unannounced, unpronounced.
Matters little to me that deny me to be
I am and neither bothers me if
I am flung upward or downward
or on to a garbage dump.
People do foolish things and
I may be no exception yet,
I see in seeing the seen wandering free to
let vision be clean as clean can be.

Getting lost or losing path isn't unnatural.
Unnatural is when one fails to
wake up to the dawn
however faint may its glow be.
My eyes joyfully grow wide in being
landed back onto myself
placing me right onto that I belong,
No matter how heaven and hell are defined;
be it celestial in its architectural grandeur or a
stinking garbage dump or
as may imagination figure of that
eyes behold.
It no longer matters to me and neither
wherever and whatever I may be.
It would bother me not
even if a snake coiled up threateningly
sit pretty over my chest,
I have left all concern far behind
flung into an irretrievable abyss darkness adore.

Let eyes surrounding measure me as it may,
treat me to be a prodigal son or as be wished,
It would bother me not to belong to what I am.
Awareness struck I now know
I am in being I am, taken in naturally
as love flowing within spell me out
cozily wrapping me up in its fragrance
soak me up burst forth
flooded to being I am that
let heaven reach me out undrawn,
in being cleansed of all dross
hold me in its embrace;
dress me up in my
fresh new incarnation for
I am one that hold me in all as much
all in me in being no other.

Let earth turn green all over again and
sky glow back lit up by thousand suns together.
I know what I am in being
love sparked toe to top.
nay, I am love that glow
many times brighter than
all be bright put together in cosmos..
I live in being I am that
glow all the sun in universe.
I am that where sun never need rise nor set,
Where darkness is not and neither
moon ever wanes and
time never need tick
second into minute into hours and
Its spring through and through
freed of duality that let
Birds burst out fear free
singing merrily in chorus,
Wherein life vibrates full blast
in its magical rhythm wherein
all pairs of opposite drowned for ever
bloom free in being one with the nature.
Oh! I am home, sweet home love sparked
overflowing to let life glow divine
brighter than ever indiscriminately
free as air over one and all.

Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression

Form: Verse

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 3, 2015

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