Tarun Kishore Kanungo

Transition - Poem by Tarun Kishore Kanungo


I end up forgetting frequent that
wish to, yet, remember that wish never.
Sailing along been to
Accommodate the world
Living in me that
Expand and contract,
Shatter and patter as may it please
Making me a prisoner of its whim.
I do my best to remain an onlooker,
Witnessing all circulating around
keeping my cool as best I can.
Been craving for a clue to
Get beyond it all,
Knowing well seeking only
Intensifies it further, yet
Craving stops not, end up to
Seeking knocking at all doors
Be it seer or satan,
wise or a fool.
Dig up elements
Piled up through ages all over.
Knowing well no matter
How hard I slug and sweat,
Nothing can only offer nothing.
I am tired of all that
don't let me forget, .
As much of that
Strike to remember.
It hit me hard at both end.
What emerge perpetuate varying
In shape and size that drift
Just as winter clouds
At the mercy of wind.
I relish not what it gather that
Stick on me in layers.
Termite eaten I grow
Hollow from within.
So much so, I fail to
Plough the land putting
Survival at stake.
Pushed hard to fighting odd
Disgust even greater witnessing
Weeds outgrow seeds sown that
Die rapider than gain roots.
I resist hard, weeding out all I can
Only to realize that I have fallen to
Growing along that
Sprout and bloom in me unsown.
Much against my will get
Soaked up in its wild aroma that
Setting aside all concern
make me fall to its embrace.
It keeps me cosily warm,
Despite bolts of heaven
Hitting hard at my spine.
Projected in it baffles and irritates
as much frustrate and disgust yet,
Longing perpetuate for
the warmth of embrace,
However false it be or may look.
I grow a conglomerate of forces
Diametrically drawn opposite that
Drag ruthless,
Pushing and pulling
Into diverse direction.
Failing to cope, I grow
Deaf, dumb, blind,
Inert inside out.
Just then I witness
as if heaven blessed
Darkness begin to lift up its shadow
Freeing the vision that
Hit upon a silver line in the blue,
Wherein it dawns,
Until I get beyond that
Spin and weave me constant,
Hardly can rid of the cycle I
Revolve around that
Use me as an axis.
It strikes,
Longing shall cease not until
I cease to vibrate along that
Grind and bind, stir and tear
Drown resistance into submission.
I stay put, pulled in
Gathered at last to
being myself,
Indifferent to all external.
Let what it may or be,
Hell-bent hell blown
Hail, snow, storm.
Let it persist as it may wish
Bloom or wither that
Hold me a prisoner within myself
Keeping everything at bay
I would love oozed flower sprouting
In my every pore
within and out,
Dancing to the rhythm of
Waves risen in the flow of my breath
Swimming past beyond
Past, present, future wherein
Time blown out of its shell
Stands still to
Let love bloom free in
Its full regalia.
Shine forth as a whole I
Grow out of that
shrink me to wither,
Wasted waging war against
Weeds growing wild.
Sun risen afresh in me
Sparkle love glowing in heart
Shine forth existence
Beyond the reach of mind.
I break away with all that measure me.
Defy all multi gravitational force,
I have rise back to life from the dead alive.
I fly free to let sky be my home,
Chirping like a little bird
Singing out its heart,
Flying free as may wish.
Wherein time exalted
Freed of all bondage
Gush forth flooded root out
Boundaries drawn ages through that
Dragged and spinned,
Pushed and pulled
Set limit right at birth to
Breathing bondage.


Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression

Form: Verse

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (12/4/2015 12:22:00 AM)

    Seeking knocking at all doors
    Indiscriminate, is amazing in this composition that chirps like a little bird. Through ages boundaries are drawn here definitely to have limit right at birth. Very thought provoking, amazing and wise poem shared.10
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